James H. Sauls, Jr

Jim Sauls provides clients with expertise in mitigation purchases and sales including land, conservation credits. He has successfully consulted, negotiated and provided real estate brokerage services land for development, investment, off-site mitigation, and conservation banking. Additionally, he has sold conservation credits for impacts to wetlands and upland species and habitat. Listed species of interest protected as a result of Jim. Sauls’ expertise include wetland dependent species including least bells vireo, vernal pool species including the Riverside fairy shrimp, coastal sage scrub habitat for California gnatcatcher and Quino checkerspot butterfly and grasslands addressing habitat for such species as the Stephens’ kangaroo rat.


General: Beginning in the mid-1960’s have provided market studies and real estate sales for developers, builders, banks and savings and loan associations. Real estate sold has included land for mitigation, development and investment properties, and have had considerable involvement in residential subdivision sales.

1991-Present: Continued providing market studies for builders and have been involved in the location and sale of land for mitigation purposes. This work involves working with developers and builders who must obtain land for the protection of an endangered species prior to developing homes on their residential property. This work is done with Ed Sauls, principal in The Sauls Company. Ed is an environmental consultant. In the year 2000, we did more than eighteen million dollars volume in consulting and sale of land and the year 2001 is expected to be another banner year. We represent a number of conservation banks and are active in the sale of their environmental “credits.”

A few of our clients are Kaufman & Broad, Beazer Homes, Forecast Homes, Forest Lawn, Richland Homes, Mockingbird Canyon Conservation Bank, North Peak Partners, San Miguel Conservation Bank, La Jolla Garden Communities, Professors Capital, Pacific Bay Homes, and Casa Blanca Ranch.

1987-1991: Vice President, manager of the Baldwin Realty Builder Services Division in Arcadia. During the time Jim was with Baldwin, annual sales exceeded thirty million dollars. Primary work was to train and supervise a small team of land/tract sales people.

1987: Director of Sales and Marketing for the Woodsboro Companies, Santa Ana California. Marketing and sales for their 45 home project in Riverside California.

1985-1986: Employed as corporate real estate broker by American Real Estate Groups, a division of American Savings and Loan Association, in the Project Sales Department. In 1986 was promoted to Assistant Vice President and given the responsibility of marketing the association’s tract sales and substantial responsibility in selling the associations land. At one time had 26 residential subdivisions in five different states under my management. In 1986 closed $7,132,000 in land sales, 47,393,000 in residential subdivision sales and completed marketing assignments and budget preparations on more than Sixty million dollars of the associationís projects in Arizona, California, Hawaii, and Florida.

1984-1985: Director of Sales/Marketing for the Sauls Development Company, Inc. of Newport Beach. Marketing consultant and sales broker for the Newport Development Company, Don Hyatt, Manager. During the economically depressed years 1978-1983 was responsible for selling and closing more than thirty nine million dollars in real estate.

1983: Sales/Marketing consultant for the joint venture and R.E.O. projects for the Southern California Savings and Loan Association through their service company Continental Development of California, Inc. Was responsible for the sale of residential subdivisions and individual R.E.O. projects. To that end I hired trained and supervised all sales personnel, prepared marketing strategies and budgets for the following projects: Bayport Villas, Huntington Harbor in Huntington Beach; Carnaby Square, Van Nuys; Cameron Court, Van Nuys; Country Downs, Northridge; Morrision Townhomes, North Hollywood; Westbourne Regency, North Hollywood; La Prada Town homes, North Hollywood; Francesca Villas, Burbank; Whitnall Villas, Burbank; Tujunga Villas, Burbank; Patrician Villas, Burbank; Fairview Villas, Burbank; Golden State Villas, Burbank; Ivy Park, Glendale; Oak Tree, Eagle Rock; Monterey Homes, Baldwin Park; Las Brisas Homes, San Dimas; Casa Gaviota, Signal Hill. In six months his sales exceeded 25 million dollars. Sales/Marketing agent for Heritage Park, a residential subdivision developed by Service Development Company, Gary Jones, President.

January 1975: Merged his company, Real Estate West, with John Seymour and Associates in Anaheim. Manager of the New Home Sales Division. This successful relationship continued seven years until John became California State Senator. He advanced politically to become a United States Senator (Retired). John sold his company in 1982. Jim’s 1982 sales exceeded 18 million dollars in volume.

Mid 1960’s-1975: Managed, marketed and sold some 1400 individual residential properties throughout southern California for a Federal Court Trustee. Represented major banks and savings and loan associations and builders in the sales/marketing of their subdivision homes and individual R.E.O. properties. Owner of Starlight Estates (27) homes in Yorba Linda and Madison Avenue Estate (17) homes in Placentia, California. Residential appraiser and loan solicitor. Raised investors capital for 600+ Cinderella Homes Projects in Anaheim, California.


Bachelor of Business Administration
Woodbury University, Los Angeles, CA
Major: Advertising
Minor: Marketing and Sales

University of California, Irvine
Advanced Real Estate Taxes and Exchanges

University of California, Los Angeles 
Marketing for the Residential Developer


President Anaheim Board of Realtors, 1975
Vice President Anaheim Board of Realtors, 1974
Director Anaheim Board of Realtors, 1974 – 1977
Director California Association of Realtors, 1976 – 1977

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