Major Projects

The Sauls Companies often work together with Clients and other Private and Public entities on major development, mitigation, and conservation projects. Below are just a few of the various current major projects of The Sauls Companies. For a more complete list of previous projects accomplished by The Sauls Companies, click here.


Development Projects


Land Conservation/Mitigation

Trabuco Lands Acquisitions

Trabuco Canyon is one of the last undeveloped portions of Orange County. Situated at the foothills of the Santa Ana Mountains, this historic community lies adjacent to the Cleveland National Forest and provides a key environmental corridor between the Cleveland National Forest and other conserved lands. Home to Cougars, Cactus Wren, and other biologically sensitive species, this community is under the threat of development. Since 2008 the Sauls Companies have helped successfully conserve over a thousand acres of private lands, and is currently working to conserve a thousand more.

Hemet Lands To Be Conserved

The City of Hemet in Riverside, California is a thriving historic community which is set to expand and develop in the coming decades. During this time is it necessary for public and private interests to work together to properly balance development, open space, economic, and environmental needs. The entry to the City in West Hemet along Highway 74/Florida Ave is often known as the Gateway to the City. This area is key for the economic development of the City, as well as home to sensitive habitats such as vernal pools. The Sauls Companies are currently working with both local landowners and various government entities to help ensure that a well balanced approach and plan is taken that helps accommodates all parties’ interests and promotes the well-being of the entire region.

California Desert Mitigation Program

California Mitigation Providers provides biological resource mitigation for development impacts within the California Desert Conservation Area. We presently have more than 325,000 acres of mitigation land that are now available for your company. (This is approximately half the size of Orange County in California). Of this number of acres, some 93,000 acres are currently presold and being processed for solar energy buyers, but there are a sufficient number of acres left to provide all of your mitigation requirements. Solar energy currently provides 8% of California’s entire electrical energy demands. It is the objective of the State to have 35% of its total energy needs to be supplied by solar energy by the year 2020. The industry is, and expects to continue to be, well ahead of that objective. Through partnering with solar energy providers and providing needed mitigation credits, California Mitigation Providers is contributing to this objective.