Previous Projects

Habitat Conservation Plans and Subregional Plans
Negotiated initial terms and permits for Ocean Trails Habitat Conservation Plan on Rancho Palos Verdes Peninsula, California including representation at service, Department, Coastal Commission, local government, and environmental interest groups for Hon Development Company and Zuckerman Building Company.

Prepared and processed the Meadowlark Estates Habitat Conservation plan and Section 10(a) permit for incidental take of the California Gnatcatcher for SunCal Companies and Meadowlark Ventures.

Regional Planning Memorandum of Understanding
Represented a consortium of landowners in San Bernardino County on a County Technical Committee and Negotiations Task Force to develop a planning agreement for the West Valley Multispecies Conservation Plan.

Appointed volunteer member of the Western Riverside County Multispecies Habitat Conservation Plan to develop the MOU/Planning agreement for the regional plan.

Conservation Agreement
Negotiation for Emerald Properties Corp establishing the basis for permitting, acquisition and conservation of 1852 acres on the San Miguel Ranch in Chula Vista. Resulted in addition of lands to the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service San Diego National Wildlife Refuge.

Section 4(d) Special Rule Authorizations, California 2081 agreements and NCCP Plan Compliances for Endangered Species Take
Talega Associates, Taylor Woodrow Homes, CPHSubregion 1 Rancho Palos Verdes, The Fieldstone Company, Republic Development, Colony Advisors, Bank of America, Centex Homes, Corona Hills Partners, Western Pacific Housing, Coussoulis Development, Richland Properties, J. D. Pierce Company, Obed Properties, Forecast Homes and Garden Communities.

The Fieldstone Company, Bank of America, Republic Development, Forecast Homes, Coussoulis Development, Colony Advisors and Richland Properties.

Consultant to Major Landowners
Handled the negotiations for Riverside County for the purchase of their land.

MSHCP / Hans Process Riverside County consultant to developers and landowners for approved purchase of their land and approval of their projects.

AD 161 Sub regional Habitat Conservation Plan:
Ed Sauls was the lead consultant for facilitating thirteen individual permits including three public agencies. The plan resulted in conservation of 1470 acres, cost approximately 16 million dollars and facilitated construction for 5,200 homes, regional road and water facilities, a public high school and expansion of The French Valley Airport This project was completed in 17 months.

The Villages of La Costa, Habitat Conservation Plan / State of California Natural Communities Conservation Plan:
Ed Sauls represented The Fieldstone Company in securing approval. This plan provided for 63 listed or sensitive species. This project was one of the first plans to provide the No Surprises Policy, the first Natural Communities Conservation Plan, and the first plan addressing a comprehensive list of species.

The California Natural Communities Conservation Plan legislation:
Sauls negotiated a specific provision of and managed obtaining approval of legislation to streamline permits for species protected under both the state and federal endangered species acts.

Multispecies Habitat Conservation Planning Agreements for both Western Riverside County and the San Bernardino Valley:
Initiating endangered species conservation for more than 35 cities in the Inland Empire of Southern California. Ed Sauls was a leading participant in the creation of these plans.

The State of California policy on Conservation Banking:
Ed was a co-consultant in developing landowners one of the most significant incentive-based programs for conserving private land ever. He secured successful approvals for the first Conservation Bank approved under the new guidelines and has facilitated several subsequent projects resulting in conservation of more than three thousand acres of privately held land.

The San Diego National Wildlife Refuge 1850 acre addition

Lead consultant.

The Barry Jones Mitigation Bank

Preserving Southern California’s largest vernal pool, Skunk Hollow. Lead consultant

The Silverado Ranch

Comprising approximately 2,000 acres in Riverside County. Lead consultant.

The Konyn Family Trust

Property in the San Pasqual Valley of San Diego County. Lead consultant.

The William Johnson Ranch

7,900 acres in Riverside County. Consultant.

The Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indian project

30,000 acres of land in Riverside