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Sauls Real Estate Marketing has successfully sold land and residential Real Estate in Southern California for more than four decades.  Whether you are looking to sell or buy land for development or conservation, or looking to purchase land for development, Sauls Real Estate Marketing is here to fulfill your needs.  Sauls Real Estate Marketing, in a cooperative efforts with The Sauls Company, has sold more than 13,000 acres of mitigation lands in Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, Los Angeles and San Diego Counties.  Over the years Sauls Real Estate Marketing has helped to conserve many endangered species, including Least Bells Vireo, Riverside Fairy Shrimp, California Gnatcatcher, Quino Checkerspot Butterfly, and Stephens’ Kangaroo Rat.  Sauls Real Estate Marketing is also highly involved in the communities of Trabuco Canyon in Orange County and Lake Elsinore in Riverside County, where we have successfully sold more than 1000 acres of land.  Additionally Sauls Real Estate Marketing, in a continuing cooperative effort with The Sauls Company, is marketing 325,000 acres of mitigation  in the seven-county “California Desert Area”, for the mitigation needs of Solar Energy Producers.

Sauls Real Estate Marketing also offers Real Estate Marketing Research specifically tailored to each client’s needs.  This includes analysis of past and comparable sales, absorption rates, marketing exposure requirements, proposed marketing budgets, and specific analysis of particular uses including commercial, residential and environmental concerns.

We additionally provide access to all residential properties offered for sale in Orange County, and our website shows  land for sale  throughout Southern California. Click here to see our lands for sale.